All about the Shroom Liberation Front

Shroom Liberation Front logo

When the SLF was originally dreamed up it was realised that it would need a distinctive logo, to represent and symbolise the important cause it championed and the values that the SLF instilled. When all the factors were considered it became apparent this would be no mean feat. After six months of virtually continuous development the final logo design that graces our site was completed. It is something we are immensely proud of at the SLF, and it has turned into something of a badge of honour, which inspires others and offers hope for a brighter more optimistic future ahead.

The SLF Logo faithfully made into a sew on badge The SLF Badge can be sewn onto anything pretty much - great way to show your support for shrooms

We were also delighted to bring the logo to life by having a custom rendition of it made into a sew on badge, which can be attached on pretty much anything, from your favourite picking jacket to your sports bag. It's a great way to subtly but proudly show your allegiance to the great cause of defending shrooms. Get yours here and find out more.

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