Shroom Stories

The SLF always tries to find the entertaining and informative side of shrooms. Through personal experience and collaboration with our network of shroomers we've put together an excellent collection of short and not so short stories for your discerning pleasure and entertainment. So pull up a chair, pour yourself your favourite tipple and sit back and enjoy our forays into the realm of shroom. Shroom Tiger

A Picking Adventure

Beutiful Liberty Caps basking in the Autumn morning sunshine

A riveting tale that not only shares and passes on valuable insights from the minds of skilled pickers that many will find educational, but also highlights the perils that can be encountered when you drop your guard picking. This cautionary tale follows in the footsteps of two pickers, Dave and John as they set about on their annual Liberty Cap hunt, on a rainy autumn morning. It's a story full of shrooms, wilderness and a thick foreboding fog!! Definitely check this one out. Click To Read Now

A Trip to A&E

The SLF is all about the promotion of safe and sensible shrooming by responsible informed adults. However sometimes the best way to promote and instil this attitude is by highlighting occurrences when people take shrooms irresponsibly, and the inevitable consequences this entails. Another heart in the mouth, action packed story involving our two bungling buddies Dave and John, who happen to think it wise to do a full on shroom session, after drinking copious amounts of alcohol one fine summer day in London. This is a shroom story like you've never heard before. Click To Read Now

An Account of the Magic Mushroom

A vision from a magic mushroom trip

This story is one of the SLF's pride and joys. Written by the bardic Peter Bergson, it is an intellectual and highly introspective account of an intellectual person's first experience with shrooms. No-where have we seen trip lit captured in quite such an honest and diligent manner, and with such attention to detail. Anyone who has ever shroomed before should feel quite at home with this story but for those who have not prepare for a seriously eye opening experience that fully explores the very fundamentals of the meaning of self and the full power of hallucinogenic nirvana. In fact this humble description fails abysmally to do the story justice. Take our word for it - read it, it's simply a sublime experience and a jewel in the SLF's crown. Click To Read Now

An Episode of Magic Mushroomery

Liberty Nap by Peter Bergstrom

Experience the realm of the shroom through the eyes of our own myconautical correspondent Peter Bergson as he reports on an interstellar escapade into the world of the shroom. It's a magical and enchanting journey abounding with wizards, fairies, and alien encounters that both defy description and imagination, but somehow Peter manages to define it in ways our senses can relate to and understand. It is an expedition into a fantastical dreamscape, reaching far beyond the realms of reality - at least as we know it, into the realm of the metaphysical that challenges the very essence of philosophy and physiology. It is a truly breath-taking analytical assessment of a voyage into the simply undefinable world of magic mushroom. There really is nothing quite like it. Click To Read Now

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