Creating The Shroompod

If you watched our film Hunting the Lib, you may have noticed our little contraption the Shroompod. Invented by us a while back out of necesity as we tried to find something that was truly fit for purpose collecting shrooms in the field. You've probably had the same problem we had - what to put your shrooms in when you pick them. Well after years of trial and error we finally settled on the Shroompod. Primarily because it's easy to make from common everyday waste items. What's great about the Shroompod is its built with stealth in mind. The large volume container means you can store a large amount of shrooms before you need to empty it, and can easily be concealed under a jacket without arousing suspicion. Trust us, this little item has saved my hide on more then a few occaisions. We hope you enjoy our short film on this clever little item and how to make it.

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