Shroom Art

An email sent to us from Jonas Ranson in 2008 would you believe was the inspiration behind this page dedicated to shroom art. Another example of just how critical our Myconautical Correspondents are for he development of our website. So if you're still out there Jonas - thanks, and we'd love to hear from you to see what you've been up to. And if there are any Shroomers out there who are creatively skilled why not consider letting the SLF showcase your work here.

A cursory look online and we found the following article about this exhibition

see the latest cutting edge visual art exhibition from conceptual artists Makarevich and Elagina. Using an intelligent mix of sculptures, paintings and photomontages, these Russian pioneers have created a Russian avant garde mushroom exhibition, inspired by the fungal characteristics of some twentieth century architecture.

This imaginative exhibition, which uses the hallucinogenic magic mushroom as a metaphor for the craziness of modern culture, is a new project from the London based contemporary art fund ARTiculate. Art lovers with a taste for the unusual and innovative will be intrigued by the Russian avant garde mushroom exhibition, which includes photomontages of buildings in Moscow emphasising their unusual fungal shapes and style.

Don't miss the Exhibition's brochure about Shrooms and their effect on Russian Culture (Click here).

From the Art Exhibition of Mushrooms of the Russian Avant Garde (London 2008)

Inside the Exhibition Hall of Mushrooms of the Russian Avant Guarde Fly Agaric inspired Shroom Art From a Fly Agaric induced Vision Shroom inspired architechture? Interesting building design Scenes from the Shroom Nice Mushroom Art Russian Mushroom Art

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