Myconautical Correspondents Wanted

Shroom Tiger at a secret location somehere in England???? Shroom Tiger - at one of my favourite parts of the world!

The SLF's mission is to create one of the best online presences for shrooms, in order to publicise and highlight the many benefits of these amazing little fungi, as well as the people who cherish them the most - shroomers. These are the true SLF. And yes that means you. Without people like you we simply would not have been able to create the amazing site we have today. We are highly dependant on individual contributions, and nothing gives us more of a buzz then highlighting the amazing work of our creative and imaginative Mycological Correspondents, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

Some ways you can contribute to the SLF

  • Write stories
  • Shroom Articles
  • Photography
  • Networking
  • Shroom / Psychedelic Art
  • Suggest Ideas
  • Assist with SLF Queries
  • Share Expertise

We're really interested to hear from people who share our passion for shrooms and / or are interested in fungi in general, the Drug Liberation movement, Alternative Media, Arts and Crafts related to mycology and shrooms, graphics etc.., or just simply like to write about shrooms from an informed position. We are particular keen to hear from people with excellent quality photos of shrooms, especially our little magical friends. The more interesting and imaginative the image, and the more they capture them at their best the more we want to see it. And the best ones will definitely get added to our gallery or website in some way. The SLF always credits our contributors fully, and will link back your pictures to the website of your choice (as long as it's appropriate and will be of interest to our viewers of course). This really can be a fantastic way to promote yourself and your skills to a truly world wide audience, so could be well worth it. We also plan to create a Myconautical Correspondent wall where each correspondent can have brief Bio of themselves. Sounds awesome doesn't it?

We may also turn to our MCs if we need advice in their particular area of expertise or to assist us answering reader's letters, write articles, reviews, blogs even etc. We're open to ideas - as long as it's relevant to shrooms and of interest to our readership, we'll consider it.

Awesome picture of the some freshly risen liberty Caps on a fine golden Autumn Morning It's awesome images like this, from SLFer Jasper Hook that make the SLF the great place it is today.

So if you love the SLF and what we stand for, and would like to help contribute to our progress by through your own experience and expertise, then we'd love to hear from you. In the first instance please email us and get in touch. We're really looking forward to seeing what you can do. Until then Shroom on. Shroom Tiger


N.B - please note that we will endeavour to get back to all Myconauts within 1 week of your contact, so please be patient with us (Our web designer is a very busy chap and often works on other projects so we do not always have the capability to implement changes or ideas as promptly as we sometimes like - that's life I guess). Thank you S.T

N.B - please also note that any material submitted to the SLF by our Myconautical Correspondents gives the SLF full permission to use/publish the submitted material on the SLF's website (or other related projects (full credits provided)). However the copyright for the material remains with the original copyright owner.

Please note, we can only accept material from the original copyright owners, who freely grant the SLF to use the material provided as we see fit. All work submitted to the SLF will require a copyright declaration which will need to be completed before any use of your material can commence. If you are not the copyright owner, then we will not be able to publish your work. Sorry.

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