Hunting the Lib

Unbelievable new film on hunting the most famous shroom of all - the Liberty Cap.

The hunt is on!!!

A nice little handful of shrooms - Liberty Caps

Embark on a magical journey with Aztec, Stardust and Powder Monkey as the undertake the quest to find Britain's native magic mushroom - the Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata). Learn along the way, all the skills required to find and identify this amazing mushroom for yourself. Told from a balanced, humorous and informed perspective, anything these guys know about picking shrooms, you will too - from when to find them, what habitats to seek them out, plus much, much, more!

A nice little Liberty Cap in the hand

Shot in a secret location somewhere in England, be amazed as you are guided across unspoilt landscapes and stunning scenery, and at times near impenetrable fog, all in the quest to find the Magic Land - a legendary field full of shrooms.

This film is a truly unique insight, into the hitherto little known, secretive world of the shroomer. A film that is bound to tantalise and enthral in equal measure. Just press the play button, sit back, relax and enjoy.

This video if offered for information and entertainment purposes only and as such is covered by our Copyright and Disclaimer notices.

The Usual Shrooms Movie

Watch our great The Usual Shrooms movie - Learn to pick shrooms safely

If you enjoyed this film, don't miss our other great film "The Usual Shrooms". Technically a Part 2 to Hunting the Lib, this film focuses in more detail on the identification factors and features that Liberty Caps possess. This film will be a great aid to anyone interested in finding this mushroom and being able to spot it a mile away in its natural habitat.

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