The Shroom Liberation Front Badge

It's the one and only, unmissable and unmistakable badge for the Shroom Liberation Front and available for you to own at last. Authentically replicated from the SLF's logo in all it's glory this badge can be sewn onto items of clothing, bags, backpacks or whatever else you can think of to flash your allegiance to the cause of shrooms and the SLF. This is a truly great, and unique item bound to get noticed and inquisitive looks from anyone who sees it. Buying this badge is also a fantastic way to help support the SLF as all funds generated go towards the running costs of our website and the investment in new projects and technologies, that will help us to continue to develop and push the SLF to new levels in the future.

The SLF Logo faithfully made into a sew on badge The SLF saves shrooms for shroomers
The SLF Badge can be sewn onto anything pretty much - great way to show your support for shrooms

The logo for which the badge honours is one of the prides of the SLF and we believe truly encapsulates the cause that the SLF champions - saving shrooms and shroomers from continued persecution from authorities the world over. The logo was the first thing we designed when conjuring the SLF. We were resolute that the SLF needed a badge of honour and symbol that we could raise proudly on our site, and one that would convey the true nature of our cause and what shrooms mean to us. To find out more about this amazing logo, please visit our Logo page here. You may be surprised just how much this little logo packs under the hood. But we think you'll agree, that we ended up with an iconic image that symbolises what the SLF's stands for. Defending shrooms and shroomers.

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