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Shroom Tiger at a secret location somehere in England???? Shroom Tiger - at one of my favourite parts of the world!

The Shroom Liberation Front (SLF) is a privately funded enterprise dedicated to publicizing the magical world of mycology. The SLF is truly enchanted with the mystical kingdom of fungi in all its guises and are passionate to share it with you.

We love bringing this world to the general public in as educational manner as possible, whilst at the same time making the experience as magical, exciting and interesting as we can. Every effort has been made to ensure the information the SLF provides is as accurate and well researched it can be.

We also draw upon the wide support the SLF receives from the global community at large, and try to showcase the work of other mycologist and myconautical correspondents who share our interest via their pictures and stories and other contributions that help to really bring the subject and our site to life. The Shroom Liberation Front's website acts as a unifying vehicle to deliver this amazing content to all far reaches of the world wide web to ensure that the message and truth about shrooms reach anyone interested or curious about them no matter where in the world they are.

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As such a huge amount of work goes into co-ordinating with the SLF community, preparing and editing the website, producing the amazing graphics that catch and dazzle the eye, researching new material and planning future projects, editing and cutting together films as well as general website promotion. All of this work is done voluntarily, and all expenses incurred are our own. As such the SLF relies on donations, and revenue from advertising and sales of our badge.

The SLF also supports an affiliation program with other web based companies. When you click on these links (like the one you see below advertising and buy a product a small percentage of the purchase price comes back to the Shroom Liberation Front as a commission. It's this money that helps pay towards our website hosting and other running costs we incur.

Things we promise you about our affiliate program:

  • We never create articles purely to promote affiliate links.
  • We only ever promote products that we like and think our readers will like.
  • Buying via an affiliate link doesn't cost you any more — the commission comes from our affiliate's profit on the item sold.

Running the SLF and promoting it is time consuming and expensive. We are passionate about the site and the subject it contains. We want the SLF to continue to expand and grow so that we may continue to highlight this amazing subject. All donations given to the SLF go towards this end, and ensures we can continue to build the site into something that truly can help to bring the SLF's message to a worldwide audience and as such help to deliver our stated goal on shrooms by bringing the world to its senses. Thank you so much for your kind support to help us achieve this aim. We really appreciate it. Shroom Tiger

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