The Shroom Liberation Front Cookies policy

Shroom Liberation Front Privacy Statement

This privacy statement only applies to Shroom Liberation It does not apply to Shroom Liberation customer sites or products that do not display or link to this statement.

Cookies and similar technologies.

Most web sites use "cookies". These are small text files that can be read by the web server that put the cookie on your machine. We use these cookies for storing settings & information you have added to our web based forms ( where they are available) and analysing site usage so we can track what's popular, what works, what doesn't work, etc.

You have the option of using browser controls to block and delete cookies.

Some of the cookies we commonly use (please note some cookies may not always be in use at all times).

This list is here to illustrate some of the reasons we use cookies.

Cookie Cookie Description
Google AnalyticsStores information about pages visited, what kind of hardware used and time on our web site
Web based forms This cookie prevents forms from ever showing when you try to download a file, even if you have not filled out one before. This may be used when we already know who you are.

Information we collect

We analyse the site usage from our visitors. We use this data to improve your experience with our web site.

Jammy Dodger anyone?

What do we do with your personal information

We use the information gathered to improve your experience with our web site and educate us as to what kind of demography are interested in the information we provide.

Sharing your personal information

We won't disclose your personal information to a third party source without your consent. Never, Ever.

Support data

Support data is the information we collect when you fill out a form on our web site. This can include; accessing a file, signing up for a course, signing up for an event, contact us form and subscribing to press releases. We only use this information internally and do not share this information with any third party without your consent.