About the SLF

Shroom Tiger at a secret location somehere in England???? Shroom Tiger - at one of my favourite parts of the world!

Hello and welcome to the Shroom Liberation Front. I'm Simon, better-wise known as Shroom Tiger, and I am the lead designer and webmaster and creative force behind the SLF. I design all the graphics, research all the material and do my best to try and capture the essence of shrooms and shroomers in a way that really does justice to them and gives them life. I can honestly say, that I consider shrooms to be capable of one of the most amazingly powerful and enchanting experiences that exists. Shrooms are something that should be respected by society and marvelled at. Banning these amazing mushrooms and their experience is an intolerant gesture based on ignorance. I wanted to do what I could to high-light the injustice posed to shrooms and their users, as well as to promote their many benefits and nuances. I must say, that even I am surprised at just what a fantastic website it has turned out to be to represent this amazing cause.

Shrooms have so much to offer and are extremely safe when used correctly and responsibly with respect. However they are also immensely powerful and almost boundless in in their capabilities. In fact shrooms themselves seem to be without limit. If you have never tried them, then really you need to be asking yourself - why not? You are truly missing out on a gift from the gods - and an intriguing insight into your own evolutionary makeup and psyche. To think people live and die and never experience shrooms is something I find saddening. They have truly missed out on one of life's great experiences. If you've got a 'bucket list' make sure you stick shrooms on it, no matter what the law commands!

The SLF first hit the internet shortly after the British government took the truly unnecessary step of quashing what was perceived to be a legal loophole in the law governing the sale of fresh psychedelic fungi in 2005. Like the mushrooms themselves, sellers at the time began popping up across London advertising fresh Magic Mushrooms for sale. Rather then champion liberty and the great freedom our society affords us, a polarised media instead launched a scathing attack on the sale of fresh magic mushrooms with little or no justification. In a knee-jerk reaction, the British government swiftly applied the full power of the legal judiciary to bear on anyone seeking to sell or use them and ruhed in laws (with breath-taking speed)s that criminalised the possession of fresh hallucinogenic fungi - creating the absurd situation that simply picking a wild Liberty Cap was constituted as a criminal action. This situation still exists so many years on to this day.

The government's actions essentially made the magic mushroom in all it's various guises the quintessential "forbidden fruit" of its age. It is a moniker that the shrooms live up to, and is capable of transporting those who chooses to "entertain" the mushroom to magical worlds, and enchanted Gardens of Eden. Many people also discover a deep connection with themselves, often considered spiritually significant, as well as discovering greater meaning in the world around them, and a deep affinity and connectedness with nature. It's hard to describe to anyone who hasn't experienced it for themselves. You'll just have to take our word for it. Magic mushrooms are very special offering a beautiful state of mind, and a beautiful state of being. Its with experiences like these that the allure of the magic mushroom continues strongly to this day, and it's appeal is something the SLF believes will outlast and survive any efforts to prevent or restrict its use. Magic mushrooms simply cannot be banned for ever. Sooner or later, popular wisdom and culture will catch up, and place back the mushroom on the pedestal it so rightly deserves.

The site has been evolving for a number years and is continually being improved. I like to experiment with new ideas and approaches - not all of them have worked, but it won't stop me trying more in the future. We temporarily had a social network, but encountered issues with search engines using prohibitive practices against us possibly in an effort to suppress the information and message the site provides. However this is still something that appeals and I'm sure in the future a stable and robust Network will be provided allowing the SLF to truly reach out to the amazing shrooming community.

And on that note, the SLF would be nothing without the the Shrooming community at large who have contributed to the site with many of the pictures that grace it. Some have even written fantastic articles (such as from the amazing Peter Bergson), who is also a very talented artist, capturing the shrooms from interesting and enchanting perspectives. His writings capture the full integrity of shrooms and bring them to our audience in an extraordinarily captive way. It is this type of community commitment to the SLF that ensures it will constantly expand and push the boundaries, and reach greater and greater numbers of people constantly discovering these amazing mushrooms.

When I conceived the SLF, I wanted to create a visually appealing,informative and entertaining site, that truly reflects the deep and interesting character that is magic mushrooms. We'll let you be the judge whether we've succeeded in this goal. But if this site can help to challenge misconceptions or change attitudes and opinions and allow people's minds to be opened, even just a little bit to the amazing possibilities that shrooms can offer, we will feel we've achieved our goal.

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