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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

The summer had finally hit London. Birds chirped in the tall oak and London Plane trees, and the warmth in the air and crystal clear blue skies had put the whole capital in a good mood. Dave spilled out of his office entrance onto the Euston Road, eager to get the weekend started, and put a long hard week behind him.

He took his mobile out of his pocket, smiling at the sun as it warmed his face. He hit speed dial for John. "Alright buddy", John's voice answered him.

"Alright John," Dave replied, "just got out, and am on my way over now. Should be at Baker Street in about half an hour or so".

"Sweet mate. Well give me a call when you get near and I'll meet you at the tube station" John said.

"Cool, see you soon" he said ending the call. He could've got the tube, but with the weather as nice as it was there was no way he was getting on the underground. Besides it was rush hour now, and it was more like a sweat box down there, with packed carriages and no ventilation. He almost grimaced at the idea of going even one stop, let alone the 3 he needed. No chance. Walking it was. Besides the weather was lovely. He smiled at a girl wearing sun glasses and a pretty dress as she walked past. The girl walked past with no reaction at all, which made him smile too. London girls – you just couldn't beat them.

He continued walking at a leisurely stroll and had reached the Baker Street before he realised. He got his phone out again and rang John.
"Alright Buddy, where are you" John said.
"Yeap, just got here, how long will you be" asked Dave?
"I'll see you in five" John said hanging up. That really meant he'd be 10 minutes. John had never been on time in his life. Sure enough ten minutes later John turned up, wearing a big smile and a pair of shades. He was obviously enjoying the fine weather too.

"Don't know about you, but I'm a bit parched" Dave said. It was a private joke they'd always used between them, usually to insinuate being desperate for a spliff, but in this case Dave was just referring to a nice cold pint.

"Well I know just the place" John said, leading the way. Dave followed, and within minutes had found themselves a nice bar that wasn't too busy. They quickly fell into conversation while John ordered the drinks.

Dave had known John for years, having met at University. John was the first person he' met on moving into the halls of residence. John had been in the dorm across the hall. They'd been buddies ever since and had had many adventures between them.

Since leaving University they had both fallen into different careers, Dave in IT and John into finance. Both had worked hard to make a success of their lives, and met up regularly to catch up. This was the first proper piss up of the summer, and they had lots to talk about. They stood outside soaking up the rays. A parking warden for some reason came up to two men also outside enjoying their pints. He tried to make chit chat, to witch one of them said "so you gonna give me a ticket for having a pint then". The parking warden got the hint and moved on to sniggering indignation behind him. Dave and John also shared the humour.

They covered many subjects, from how John was getting on at work, through to what they thought was going to happen in the forth-coming Man U match. The beer flowed easily. Well into their second round, Dave brought up the idea of doing some shrooms. He and John had talked for ages about doing them, and Dave's decks were clear for the evening. For him it was as good a time as any. John seemed quite receptive to the idea. He'd had some great times shrooming with Dave in the past. "Ok then, why not" he said. However he had made arrangements to meet up at the pub with another buddy of his who was on his way down. Dave didn't mind. He was having fun.

Tim turned up about an hour later. They'd managed to sink a couple more pints since then. Tim was a ladies man, and immediately filled them in on his latest adventures with the opposite sex. He showed them a text message he'd just got from some girl he'd met only a week ago. It described exactly what she was imagining doing to his s naked body. They laughed. Some guys had all the luck.

John finished the remnants of his pint and suggested moving on to another pub. No one had any objections. They finished up and set about finding the next watering hole. They went to another local they both frequented, that Tim hadn't been before.

As the conversation flowed John let slip that they were going to do some shrooms later, inviting Tim if he wanted to try them. John still had a sizeable harvest from the legendary 2001 vintage – one both he and Dave were in agreement was an absolutely superb year, producing one of the best trips they'd ever had.

Tim had never done shrooms before, and polite-fully declined, saying he had a few things to do that evening. That was fine by Dave, who didn't really know Tim, and didn't like tripping with people he wasn't familiar with. Tim was still curious as to what the magic mushroom buzz was like. Between them they tried to describe the amazing affects the shrooms had. It was always hard to describe, but always good fun trying.

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